Friday, February 29, 2008

Outside Links

These are the links that are relevant in learning more about this controversy. Below each links are its importance and significance for this issue.

1.Web address:
Importance: This is the website of Florence Nightingale Museum in London, England, which contains relevant information about the founder of modern nursing, photo documentaries of influential people and memorabilia in nursing with detailed descriptions, and a library filled with collections of primary and secondary sources that can further characterize the role of nurses in its early development.

2.Web address:

Importance: This is a website created in honor of Florence Nightingale and the profession of Nursing. It is filled with a detailed biography of Nightingale's life with a time line that highlights the major events of her life. Similarly, it contains several versions of the pledge, with the two modern adaptations of the Nightingale Pledge that is sometimes used in graduation ceremonies. This allows the readers to compare the original pledge to the Hippocratic Oath and to other modern translations.

3.Web address:
Importance: This is a link for a video that shows the preparations of graduating nurses as they start the ceremonies. This is important because it shows the emotions of nurses as they become professionals, showing that, perhaps, the actual tradition of reciting the Nightingale pledge is merely a trivial detail in the ceremony. This video will also help the readers to visualize the actual events, formation, and emotions felt and conducted in a graduation ceremony.

4.Web address:
Importance: This is a video link that shows thousands of graduating Filipino Nurses in Davao City, Philippines reciting the Nightingale Pledge, showing that this pledge is universal and that it applies to all nurses regardless of their race. Moreover, this video also contains footage of the graduates also making a professional pledge to the country, which might be a solution to this controversy about the pledge.

5.Web address:
Importance: This website contains the Nightingale Pledge and another poems written by Florence Nightingale, allowing the readers to also see the poetic value of the oath. It also contains inspirational stories of nurses, nurses' prayers, and poems, inspiring continuing nurses to pursue a career in this profession. It shows the poetic beauty of the oath, emphasizing that one must be careful in creating a modern translation of the pledge.