Friday, February 29, 2008

Related UCLA SON Blogs

This blog or article is linked to three other blogs written by UCLA SON students. It is linked to blogs that all address nursing's professional and ethical problems.

Title: Causes of Stress and Methods of Coping in Nursing
Authors: Samantha Cajucom and Marisol Fernandez
Web Address:
Importance: This blog expounds on a nurse’s job stresses and physical strain. Furthermore, it also provides methods of coping with these problems to prevent harm to the nurses themselves, to the patients, and to their co-workers.

Title: Nursing Safety: Safety Issues on the Job
Author: Sara Lui
Web Address:
Importance: This describes the safety issues and the ethical issues involved that nurses need to be aware of to prevent harm to others and to practice ethical principles and theories.

Title: Nurses and the Law
Author: Kristen Wilson
Web Address:
Importance: This blog addresses the unnecessary legal complications and dilemmas that nurses and the entire profession can face and encounter.