Friday, February 29, 2008


The Nightingale Pledge. This is an image of a poster that states the actual words of the Nightingale Pledge next to a photo of Florence Nightingale, the nurse who is honored by this pledge. This poster has two purposes: (1) informing and reminding nurses' of their professional promise and (2) advocating the use of this oath in commencement practices (Advance Healthcare Shop, 2008).

The Traditions of the Ceremony. This photo exemplifies the traditional graduation ceremonies of nurses, depicting the tradition that may no longer exist in some of the current graduation ceremonies. Furthermore, it also shows how the ceremonies were initially held, allowing current nurses to compare the traditional and contemporary commencement practices (Civilization Museum, 2008).

The Recital. This image shows a graduating class of Filipino nurses, who are photographed reciting the Nightingale pledge. It depicts the recital of the Nightingale Pledge, which is now optionally used by nursing schools and recited by graduating nursing students (Nguoi Viet Online, 2008).

The Author of the Pledge. This is a photo of Lystra Gretter, the writer of the Nightingale's Pledge. This honors the woman behind this meaningful pledge that is now being questioned by the nursing profession (Florence Nightingale Museum, 2008).